Dark Honey + Tobacco Candle


Slow down, take a step back and restore balance in your life.
Light our scented candles to create an ambient atmosphere and allow the quiet to envelop your mind. Transform your home into a sanctuary and indulge yourself with our rich Dark Honey + Tobacco fragrance.
Top Notes: Tobacco, Honey, Spices, Citrus
Middle Notes: Tobacco, Woody, Sandalwood
Base Notes: Amber, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Honey
Our scented candles are made in Scotland and hand-poured into our apothecary style amber jars.
Each jar comes with an aluminium gold lid which keeps your candle free of dust and smelling beautiful. We use a unique and sustainable blend of rapeseed-coconut wax, cotton and linen natural wicks and premium paraben-free fragrances, which all create a powerful and clean burning candle at every light. 
Each one of our new candles is handmade and poured in Scotland by The Kindred Folk.

About The Kindred Folk

We believe in a slower & mindful way of living. The Kindred Folk is the creation of two kindred spirits, Maura and Jordan. Together, we have established The Kindred Folk. It was an idea that was born from a true passion and desire to create a home fragrance brand that captured important moments of stillness and calm encapsulated in nature. Throughout our relationship, we have loved spending our time outdoors exploring the Scottish countryside. The tranquillity of nature has always allowed us to slow down, re-focus our minds and appreciate life without the unwanted distractions. We soon realised how we wanted to replicate that same feeling within our home, and then our mission was simple: to create candles inspired by nature, designed to support you in transforming your daily routines into mindful moments. In a world where everything is so fast paced, it’s never been more important to reconnect with nature, slow down and focus on enjoying your rituals.

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