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Homemade Scottish Bramble & Apple Pie Jam – 100ml


We have three very special preserves to share with you this Christmas season, home made in-house by Anna our co-owner of House of Beò.

Anna Grows the fruit used in her Jams in her sunny garden in the north east of Scotland, in a wee village in Aberdeenshire called Auchenblae.

Using natural and local ingredients with love makes these Jams are very special. This is a concoction of Anna’s after seeing an abundance of wild brambles (also referred to as blackberries) and fallen apples from her pink apple tree this autumn and an idea came into her head: Apple and Bramble pie in jam form?!

Well the result is delicious and very unique. Spiked with cinnamon and a hint of sweetness, perfect for the Christmas season. This jam goes well on toast of course, sourdough especially – but you may be surprised to know that it also belongs on you cheeseboard! Hard cheeses such as cheddar and gouda, but also soft cheese like brie and camembert.

The unique apple and blackberry pie jam is exciting, flavourful and more fruity than any mass produced Jams in the shops.

Anna & Stef have hand decorated these jars to make the ideal gift, Christmas present, an addition to a Scottish Christmas Hamper or stocking filler. Or simply a treat for yourself!

This batch was made in August 2023 and will last a year stored sealed in a cool dark area, until opened when you must keep in the fridge and use within about a month, although we think it wont stick around long in your house due to it being devoured quickly on hot buttered toast or a fresh soft loaf of bread.

The lack of chemical preservatives, pectin and zero pesticides makes this Jam 100% organic and vegan and it all adds up to the best flavour.


Fresh Brambles (or blackberries)

Pink apples

Natural cane sugar

Lemon juice



Sold out!