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Sold out!

New! Reindeer Spirits – Limited 2023 Editions – Female


Meet the newest members of the Reindeer Spirit Family exclusive to Beò.

The “It’s cold outside” Reindeer Spirit edition. Last year we released our first Reindeer Spirits which sold out in days! The 2022 edition was minimalist simple and white and after we re-stocked we have one remaining this year.

The new “It’s cold outside” 2023 editions feature a gorgeous red and green tartan scarf with gold embellishments, and come in 3 family members to choose from: A Male with large antlers, a female with smaller antlers and a baby cub with no antlers. You can chose which type you like or collect the whole family as a bundle and save. This edition is very exclusive with limited stock.

This edition is the graceful female reindeer, with smaller, beautiful, delicate antlers.

These spirits carry with them all of the joy of Yuletide Past and bring good luck for the year ahead. These Reindeer Spirits are rare creatures, exclusive to Beò, you won’t find them anywhere else.

Beò Legend says that these tiny Reindeer Spirits roam freely through the forests and mountains of Scotland keeping an eye on the local nature and helping each season change. They are Guardians of the wildlife, flora and fauna native to the Scottish Highlands,

The Yuletide editions are fitted with a recycled natural jute rope to make them ideal for hanging on your Christmas Tree, although they will also look cute amongst your Christmas candles.  Handmade by Holly at Studio H Sculpting, someone very special who is part of our family at Beò.

Insta: @studiohsculpting

Each purchase of our Reindeer Spirits donates £1 to the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd, who live in the mountains of the Cairngorms National Park. Donations help support the Reindeer Herd of the Cairngorms National Park, making sure they are happy, healthy, well fed & protected all year long. Visit for more information on this wonderful foundation.

Sold out!