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When it comes to picking a favourite item out of one of our lines at Beò, it can be difficult to pick just one item as everything we pick to share with you is thought out with love and a passion for great design. But when it came down to choosing a favourite Vase, this one was very easy for me: White Vase – Blanc 05 from the Blanc collection by o cacctu. 

From love at first sight when ordering from the catalogue, to squealing with joy upon opening the delivery to see, and hold it in the flesh – this was the vase for me. You may well have seen me include this vase quite often on our social media, and the reason is simple: I adore this vase. 

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Why do I love the White Vase - Blanc 05 so much?

I love this simple white elegant, yet adorable vase because of just that – it’s so cute and chic. It’s not often those words go together, but for this gorgeous little vase it is extremely true.

Minimalist, Minimalism, House of Beò Beò Home Decor Home Accessories Home Styling Flower Vase Textured Vase Earthenware Green Vase Small Vase Vase for flowers

You can cup it in the palms of both hands so it’s mini, but not too mini – making it ideal for a number of spaces around the house. From a tactile point of view, its texture is slightly rough and bumpy but again, not too much. Just enough to give it interesting light reflection, seeing as it is completely matte. It has a japandi vibe with simple clean lines and of course, the cute factor. Overall this vase is a delight to hold, and a joy to look at. 

Put simply, this vase makes me smile whenever I see or use it, and I know it will be moving to different locations all over my home for years to come. 

A little bit about the Vase & Creators o ccactu

This beautiful small white vase handmade in clay is modern, minimalist and looks great as it is or with fresh flowers and dried flowers. Resistant and waterproof, you will get great and versatile use out of this vase for years and years. The handicraft process may leave marks, so no two are alike, meaning you will have a truly unique and exquisite piece.

O ccactu are a female owned and family run ceramics and textile production company,  passionate about authentic design and product functionality. Challenging themselves to shape the future and taking pride in creating collections of ceramics and home textiles based on core values for o cactuu: Keeping everything authentically handmade in Portugal and reducing environmental impact.

All vases, pots and dishes are handmade and the production of the textiles are carried out locally within the family.

House of Beò Beò Home Decor Home Accessories Home Styling Flower Vase Textured Vase Earthenware Green Vase Small Vase Vase for flowers Minimalist Minimalism

How does it look in my home?

My home design is soft minimalism with a monochrome palette, soft neutrals, lots of whites and well, plenty of black accents! (the teenager in me delights in painting anything in my house black after years of being told by everyone “you can’t have a black room!” or “don’t paint that black, it’s such a depressing colour” – well 2023 is here to tell everyone who doubted us, black is fabulous, and here to stay 😂)

I love to combine my passion for Scandinavian, Japanese and french/Parisian design peppered with traditional and simple Scottish home design accents to create “coorie” corners and welcoming feelings of warmth. 

Obviously this white vase works perfectly in white interiors, monochrome palettes and soft minimalist spaces, but I also think this vase would look beautiful in brightly coloured, or pastel themed homes as a contrast to intensely pigmented design. 

This vase is perfect amongst my white and neutral open shelving decor, glowing by candlelight on a rainy spring evening. I collected some of my favourite  perennials from the garden. 

 These tiny violet flowers: Glory-of- the-snow (Chionodoxa forbesiimake a perfect minimal bouquet and bring a pop of colour to my living room. 

Thank you for reading about my favourite vase at Beò, I look forward to sharing more of my favourite items with you guys soon! 

Anna  xx 

Where can I buy this Vase?

You can get your hands on your very own White Vase – Blanc 05 here at Beò just scroll down and click on the ‘Add to basket’ button below the image.