Why we love “Felt So Good” Fairtrade decorations

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Discovering “Felt So Good” in Scotland As an avid traveller and explorer, especially within our homeland Scotland, I have certainly come across many small towns, villages, secret streets and corners – and within these hidden wonderful places, of course you will find independent wee shops full of local and rare treasures.  Brought up in England […]

“Coffee, Please, and a Shot of Cynicism”

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“Coffee, Please, and a Shot of Cynicism” In the quaint and picturesque town of Stars Hollow, where every day feels like a journey through autumn, Lorelai Gilmore, our beloved character from the TV show Gilmore Girls, finds solace in her daily dose of coffee. “Coffee, please, and a shot of cynicism.” At House of Beò, […]

Why we are so excited about Hein Studio vases

We are delighted to share with our Beò followers that we have just striked a partnership with Hein Studio.  Who are Hein Studio? Hein studio is a Danish company founded in 2016 by fashion Designer and Artist Rebecca Hein and Construction Architect Brian Hein.  With a shared interest in architecture and the way of living […]

A Beautiful Green Vase: Beò in our Homes Chapter 4

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If you’re looking for a beautiful and unique piece to decorate your home, look no further than this soon-to-be best seller, the Olive Green Vase from House of Beò! As soon as I laid my eyes on this stunning vase when we were planning new stock, I instantly fell in love with it. Fall in […]

The Ultimate Hosting Companion: Beò in our Homes Chapter 2

The Ultimate Hosting Companion: Beò in our Homes Chapter 2 As the gentle warmth of spring warms my soul, I eagerly anticipate the cherished moments I get to spend with loved ones during the warmer months.  The promise of that shared laughter and joy that will fill the air at Easter as we gather around […]

My Favourite Vase: Beò In Our Homes Chapter One

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When it comes to picking a favourite item out of one of our lines at Beò, it can be difficult to pick just one item as everything we pick to share with you is thought out with love and a passion for great design. But when it came down to choosing a favourite Vase, this […]

What does “Lasting Design” mean? How to shop products built to last

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What does “Lasting Design” mean? How to shop products built to last In recent years we have been forced to think longer and harder about how to make our paychecks stretch. From Brexit changing the market to covid closing down businesses – global warming and the threat to our planet and of course, war and […]