Fern Reclaimed Wood Serving Board with Handle


When styling your kitchen you need to create layers of interest, grouped in threes; especially if you have open shelving. A simple serving board can be the best piece of home decor you can own. Due to their rustic finish and length, you gain texture and height.

Our Serving Board with the Fern Leaf engraving is the perfect and ideal display piece. As well as being extremely practical for serving scrumptious foods.

We look forward to using this board in the evening, snuggled up under a blanket after a hard day working or exploring. Simply chatting about our day and sharing a board of something delicious in front of the fire, warming our toes.

The colour of every piece and sizing may vary a little, but at Beò we love that! As we think that makes each one unique!

Each design is finished with wax to protect it. So you can use it time and time again.

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