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Christmas time in the highlands is a magical affair. Snow Capped mountains, whiskey by the fire, tall fir trees glittering in frost, and let’s not forget the reindeer in the Cairngorms National Park.

But the most special thing about Christmas in Scotland is the gathering together. Communities, families and friends make time for each other and create events where local businesses join together to promote and support one another. 

Cèilidhs (highland dance) take place across the land, inviting everyone older and younger, no matter who you are or where you come from to join in the fun. 

Neighbours help each other through the coldest months when the weather becomes harsh. You can’t always get to a shop or perhaps have lost all your power in a storm! But you always know that someone nearby will help you, and offer you a cup of tea, or a Hot Toddy if you’re lucky!

Stories are told and songs are sung at the bars of local village pubs, and the feasts! You cannot beat Scottish scran during the winter months, the Scots know how to make the most heart warming, comfort food. 

And Hogmanay, the Scottish new year’s eve which lasts sometimes for 4 days! Fireballs, bonfires and torches are lit, more dancing, mulled wine, fireworks and bagpipes ring through the air. 

But the most magical part of the Scottish festive period happens in the home, warmly lit candles, sparkling Christmas lights throughout the cities, towns and villages. Huddling down together to Coorie in with the people you love the most, sharing stories of the year gone by and gifts, for no reason other than to say, I love you, thank you for being you, and thank you for being here with me. 

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