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Why do we love autumn?

Some might say that Autumn or Fall is the best time for interior styling and decor, and here at Beò, we don’t want to be bias but we secretly have to agree that  it really is one of the most fun seasons for sprucing up your home decor. 

Candles everywhere, blankets and throws, pumpkin decor in all shapes and sizes! Cosy cushions, fire places blazing. Colours of burnt orange, browns, warming deep reds and golden yellows. Dried flowers and grasses, and lets not forget: fun spooky home  accessories!

How is Autumn Coorie? 

Autumn is a season that unites a certain group of people who like to snuggle down or *Coorie in* as the Scots say, and get cosy with their loves ones and their favourite films. Of people who love the grand changes in the great outdoors, from colour chances to darker nights, misty walks and the smell of fallen leaves and foliage and chimney smoke in the air. People who love comforting  scents and home prepared foods and drinks. 

Who can resit the allure of the pumpkin spiced, well anything! The smell of fresh cinnamon rolls, chai lattes and smooth sweet pumpkin soup?  

*Learn more about the meaning of “Coorie” by clicking here*

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Halloween Decor

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We also believe that Autumn brings together the people who have a fun and silly side to them, a childlike playfulness and glee come into play when shopping for halloween decor.  Nothing makes us smile more than a pumpkin shaped mug or candle, a cute little garland of ghosts or skeletons, little bats with hanging lights or stuck to the walls as if they are flying through the night on a dark mysterious night in Transylvania. 

Theres a reason why instagram accounts based on Halloween and Autumn/Fall aesthetics all year thrive throughout every season.   

What do we have to offer this Halloween/Autumn/Fall? 

We have collected a number of handmade  Halloween treats, cosy candles,  Autumn home decor and Fall accessories made locally where possible along with a couple of special items from friends across seas. These lovingly handmade creations support small businesses, equality in workspaces, eco- friendly  sustainable materials and Fair trade.  Offering new skills and support particularly to women, to provide secure employment that isn’t currently offered in remote areas.